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Clubs and Groups

Homework Club

Mission Statement
Homework Club's mission is to create and support lifetime learners with a strong foundation in their core school subjects. H.C. strives to build strong students by supporting and mentoring them with daily skills and the confidence and motivation to pursue goals and dreams with enthusiasm. H.C. puts forth unconditional effort to instill good work habits, organizational skills, time management abilities, and a sense of accomplishment in every student. Here we have established an atmosphere for comfortable learning while targeting problem areas and helping our students overcome individual obstacles.

Homework Club is a before and after school program serving students in grades 1-6. Homework Club provides a quiet, structured, safe environment for students to complete their homework with the help of highly qualified instructors, aides, and mentors. Homework Club (H.C.) staff provides help and support in all school subjects. H.C. strives to instill good work habits, organizational skills, time management abilities, and a sense of accomplishment in every student.

Educational Benefit
Homework Club takes place throughout the entire school year, Monday through Wednesday with the exception of holidays and school breaks. H.C. sessions take place before and after school for grades 5-6, and after school for grades 1-4. Before school sessions start at 7am-7:50am in our 5th grade POD. After school programs begin directly at 3pm in our library and in available classrooms. Duration of our after school program is 1 hour. So, students should be picked up from the front office no later than 4pm. Students who finish their work before the end of the session have an opportunity to practice reading fluency, reading comprehension, practice basic math skills, or play organized educational games in our library or computer lab. This program is for every student who wants to be successful in school and in future endeavors.

By Laws/Constitution
Students who participate in our Homework Club must have express permission from parents to do so. Students who attend will be respectful of all who take part in this program, attending to their tasks and adhering to expectations of the learning environment. Students who are not respectful of the expectations may be asked to leave and parents will be contacted. Student updates for conduct and progress will be provided to parents on a weekly basis as needed.


Positive Peer Impact Club

Our mission is to allow more students to become positive leaders and self-motivators. We will look for opportunities to help reach our PBIS goals by encouraging student leadership and conflict resolution on our campus.

Students will make a positive impact on their peers and on the culture of our Jamaica campus. The goal of this club will be to provide opportunities for leadership potential for our upper elementary students, to identify and encourage their character strengths, and to focus on positive and proactive opportunities for conflict resolution amongst peers.

Students will focus on these goals by modeling leadership qualities amongst their peers, as well as by creating opportunities to impact our school and local community through various kindness projects. Club members will lead by example when modeling behavior expectations around campus, and will seek creative ways to encourage positive solutions for areas we need to improve.

Educational Benefit
Leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills are not limited to a school environment. These types of skills benefit students in all aspects of their lives and will grow with them well into the future. These are the types of skills which can help them in their personal and professional relationships and allow them to better reach their potential.

By laws/Constitution
Students who are interested in providing peer leadership and peer mediation will have the opportunity to join the club with parent and principal approval. Teachers may also give referrals, but students must have parent and administrator approval. Students must be able to attend meetings after school for training and information, and must be willing to communicate in a positive manner. Students must also maintain passing grades. Any student who is behavior referral may be removed from club privileges for the year. Those identified as potential peer mediators will receive additional training for school conflicts referred to mediation. Peer mediators will not give advice or consequences, but will have an emphasis on finding common ground and positive solutions by the parties involved.


School Safety Club

The School Safety Club will assist staff as leaders in safety before, during, and after school. Club members will teach other students about safety on a peer-to-peer basis. They will also serve as role models for younger children who look up to them. Club members will encourage positive behaviors through positive rewards.

Members will assist adult crossing guards and assist staff by monitoring students in front of the school, near bike rack and in the back court area before and after school. Members will also assist staff during lunch and morning recess time during the line-up time to encourage students to line up appropriately through positive interaction. Club members will monitor school hallways for safe behaviors, assist staff with emergency procedures as directed by staff. They will also assist with assemblies, ceremonies, and/or or other school events as needed. Having students involved in the safety of our school allows them to take ownership, pride, and serve as role models for younger students.


-Safety awareness
-leadership skills
-citizenship and community service
-respect for your peers
-role models for younger students

-safety awareness
-peer-to-peer communications
-character building opportunities
-a constructive outlet for student energy
-a positive relationship with parents, law enforcement and the community
-setting a positive example for other elementary schools
-taking ownership of our own safety

-a safer environment for pedestrians, students and motorists
-a positive collaboration between students, parents, school and law enforcement

Any student in the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade will be able to apply serve on the School Safety Club. However, applicants must be able to show that they follow all of our PBIS expectations on campus. They should be respectful and responsible, on time, have a can do attitude, and use safe and successful choices on campus. Students may be referred by their teacher and must get parental permission. Once these requirements have been met, students will be selected by the School Safety Club director, advisors, and principal. Students may be suspended or removed from the club for behaviors during the school year, based on student conduct. This will be determined by the principal and the director.

-report on time
-check in with appropriate staff member
-always set a good example
-perform your duties as requested
-be dependable and trustworthy
-be courteous and polite at all times
-treat others as you would like to be treated
-wear your equipment proudly
-remind classmates of safe walking rules without being bossy
-give correct crossing signals to classmates
-obey rules of the club, school and home
-hand out "good behavior" tickets
-report inappropriate and/or unsafe behaviors to staff
-follow all CROC rules
-see something-say something


Garden Club/STEM

So what is STEM? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. These four symbols represent the different areas of STEM education.

STEM education integrates concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects in different classes and emphasizes the application of knowledge to real-life situations. A lesson or unit in a STEM class is typically based around finding a solution to a real-world problem and tends to emphasize project-based learning. A variation of STEM is STEAM, which includes an 'A' for art and design. Artistic design is becoming an important part of STEM education since creativity is an essential part of innovation. Many STEM lessons involve building models and simulating situations. A good STEM lesson ensures that students understand the connection to the real world.

For more information, please visit our STEM website at


NEHS / Student Council

The purpose of the NEHS is to recognize students for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated personal responsibility to provide service to the school and the community, and to develop leadership skills in the students. NEHS members focus on Responsibility, Academic Excellence, Service and Leadership. They also partner with Student Council to serve the school and community through various outreaches.

Student Council allows students to make a difference in their school. This group of conscientious students effectively promotes school improvement by beautifying the school environment, building school spirit, and participating in community projects. Student Council is the voice of the students.



Tutoring services for 1st-6th grade will begin in second semester. Tutoring will take place in Monday's and Wednesday's starting on January 8th- May 10th. Hours will be from 3-4pm on Monday and Wednesday each week. Students will be identified by teachers or our Student Intervention Team or may be referred for additional support in Reading or Math Interventions.

Please talk to your teachers if have any concerns regarding your child's progress.


Theater Club

Theater club will help students with confidence and personal growth. Students will learn a brief history of theater as well as all the correct theater terms. They will learn audition techniques and we will help prepare them for auditions.


Parks and Rec (After School Program)

The Lake Havasu City Department of Parks and Recreation offers an after school program at our school as well as many other events and activities for children and families offered year round.